Need to cite your work? create a bibliography?

So you need to write a paper, no problem! Come to the library and we will help you get the resources you need to ace it. But, what about managing citations? The UHMC Library can help you with that too. Give EasyBib a try.

Managing citations is one of the most difficult tasks associated with college term papers. EasyBib offers a solution to this problem with a friendly web-based interface designed for both automatic citation generation and manual entry.

EasyBib provides you with the following:
  • Citation management
  • Autocite functionality
  • Cite over 50 source types
  • Export to MS Word
  • Citation management tools
  • MLA style
  • APA style
  • Chicago style
  • Footnotes formatting
  • Parenthetical formatting
  • Third-party database import
  • Website quality check
  • Virtual notecards
  • Cornell note-taking system
  • Dynamic outlining