Happy Tell a Fairy Tale Day!

In honor of this day, we present a wonderful Fractured Fairy Tale.

For the some of the originals go here and here. And for an off-beat take on their meanings, visit Cracked.

Jane Austen's The History of England: Introduction

View Jane Austen's The History of England: Introduction at the British Library's Online Gallery.

The History of England is an early work of Jane Austen. She completed the composition in November 1791 when she was just 15 years old.

Jane Austen's History is a lively parody which makes fun of the standard schoolroom books of the time, in particular Oliver Goldsmith's popular four-volume History of England from the Earliest Times to the Death of George II (1771). Declaring herself to be a 'partial, prejudiced and ignorant Historian' she cites works of fiction, such as Shakespeare's plays, as historial authority and includes references to her own family and friends. Jane's older sister Cassandra illustrated the text with imaginative portraits of the English monarchs.

Public Alerts – Google Crisis Response

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