Read ebrary books offline!

Using the Bluefire app you can download and read ebrary books on your mobile devices. Then you can read them without being online. Read anywhere, any time!

Bluefire offers a full set of active reading features including bookmarking, highlighting, note taking, dictionary lookup, contextual search, sharing, and more.

To learn more, go to the libraryʻs "Research Help" page and look at the "Mobile Tools" section.

Are you fit!?

Are You UH Maui Fit?

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Enter to Win a Fall Semester Student membership yo UH Maui Fit for the price of a drop in!

As a winner, you’ll be able to sign up for a student membership for only $5.

Be 1 of 10 winners for the Fall semester.

Deadline to enter is Friday, September 12. Winners will be drawn on September 15.

Winners will be contacted and will have until September 22nd to redeem their gift. Unredeemed prizes will be void after September 22nd.

TUEBL, the Ultimate Ebook Library

Imagine a world where authors can make money by giving digital versions of their books away to their readers, and readers could explore all sorts of books that they may have never even considered reading before. In a nutshell, this is TUEBL, the Ultimate Ebook Library.

Fall 2014 Hours

Fall 2014 hours start on August 25.

Monday to Thursday 8 AM to 6 PM
Friday 10 AM to 4 PM
Closed: Saturday, Sunday, all state holidays, day after Thanksgiving, and winter interim

Summer Session Hours

Summer session starts on May 12.

Open: Monday–Thursday 10 AM to 5 PM

closed all state holidays

A colourful book from 1692.

A beautiful book of colors from 1692. In over 700 pages of handwritten Dutch, the author, who identifies himself as A. Boogert, describes how to make watercolor paints. He explains how to mix the colors and how to change their tone by adding “one, two or three portions of water." To illustrate his point he fills each facing page with various shades of the color in question.

30 great poems

Today is Great Poetry Reading Day. Take time to read a great poem. Here is one to get you started.

I Hear America Singing by Walt Whitman

I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear,
Those of mechanics, each one singing his as it should be blithe and strong,
The carpenter singing his as he measures his plank or beam, 
The mason singing his as he makes ready for work, or leaves off work, 
The boatman singing what belongs to him in his boat, the deckhand singing on the steamboat deck,
The shoemaker singing as he sits on his bench, the hatter singing as he stands,
The wood-cutter’s song, the ploughboy’s on his way in the morning, or at noon intermission or at sundown,
The delicious singing of the mother, or of the young wife at work, or of the girl sewing or washing,
Each singing what belongs to him or her and to none else, 
The day what belongs to the day — at night the party of young fellows, robust, friendly, 
Singing with open mouths their strong melodious songs.