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The Last Chained Libraries

In the Middle Ages, books were incredibly scarce, and although many wanted to share knowledge with the masses, they didn't quite trust the public. So the chained library was born, and while most of these restrained reading collections have vanished, a rare few still exist, looking much as they did centuries ago.

Increase your brain power!

Hitting the gym can boost your memory, researchers have found. They say an intense workout of as little as 20 minutes can enhance your long-term memory by 10 percent in healthy young adults. Although the study used weight exercises, researchers said that resistance activities such as squats or knee bends would probably produce the same results.

If you are looking for a place nearby to lift weights, the campus' UH Maui Fit is the place!

UH Maui Fit Open Gym

WHEN: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

TIME: 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

WHERE: UH MAUI FIT—1st Floor Pilina Building

World's largest scientific archive of biodiversity audio and video recordings

The Macaulay Library is the world's largest and oldest scientific archive of biodiversity audio and video recordings. Their mission is to collect and preserve recordings of each species' behavior and natural history, to facilitate the ability of others to collect and preserve such recordings, and to actively promote the use of these recordings for diverse purposes spanning scientific research, education, conservation, and the arts.

Medieval Book Historian Discovers 800-Year-Old Doodles

For the past few years, medieval book historian Erik Kwakkel has been poring over someof the world’s oldest books and manuscripts at Leiden University, The Netherlands, as part of his ongoing research on pen trials. Pen trials are small sketches, doodles, and practice strokes a medieval scribe would make while testing the ink flow of a pen or quill. They usually involve funny faces, letter strokes, random lines, or geometric shapes and generally appear in the back of the book where a few blank pages could be found.
Medieval Book Historian Erik Kwakkel Discovers and Catalogs 800 Year Old Doodles in Some of the Worlds Oldest Books history books

Read ebrary books offline!

Using the Bluefire app you can download and read ebrary books on your mobile devices. Then you can read them without being online. Read anywhere, any time!

Bluefire offers a full set of active reading features including bookmarking, highlighting, note taking, dictionary lookup, contextual search, sharing, and more.

To learn more, go to the libraryʻs "Research Help" page and look at the "Mobile Tools" section.