Do I kiss you, bow, or shake your hand?

The library has a wonderful new resource, Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands.

This database provides essential international business etiquette practices.

  • When in Egypt, is it customary for the guest or the host to begin eating first?
  • At what point in a meeting in Japan is it considered polite to start talking business?
  • What drives local economies in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China)?
  • In which countries does a "yes" answer actually mean no?
  • What safety precautions are essential when traveling in Turkey?
Answers to these and other questions aren't just trivia; they're vital information for executives, managers, sales and marketing specialists.

Measurable success in the global marketplace begins with an expert understanding of international business etiquette, practices, and cultural cues. Without it, businesses and organizations cannot develop a competitive network of customers, suppliers, and, most important, talent.

Created by a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies, Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands delivers essential knowledge via an innovative e-learning tool for students and business people who are learning about or working abroad, traveling for business, or managing global teams from a domestic location. It empowers people to open borders, minds, and markets in more than 60 countries around the world.

Each comprehensive country profile includes:
  • Country Background—history, government, language, cultural viewpoint
  • Tips on Doing Business—local style, typical business values
  • Cultural Orientation—cognitive styles, values, decision making
  • Cultural IQ Quiz—avoid costly faux pas (If presented with a gift in China, is it considered rude not to open it in front of your hosts?)
  • Know Before You Go—streaming weather, driving orientation, getting around
  • Protocol—greetings, forms of address, dress, dining, gifting conventions
  • Business Practices—importance of punctuality, negotiation practices, entertaining
  • Cultural Notes—Do's and don’ts for conversations, common misunderstandings
  • Key Phrases in Local Languages—with audio to ensure correct pronunciation
  • Holidays—Up-to-date calendar of official holidays
  • Downloadable Content that gives easy, portable access to these and other features anywhere in the world