Halloween in the library!

Last Tuesday the UHMC Head Start children had a great storytime in our library!  Dorothy Tolliver and Betsy Knight read stories and did fun fingerplays with the children.  All of this contributes to building children's language.  When they have lots to talk about and think about, they want to communicate it, and the motivation to read and write is much stronger.  The children's ages range from just turned 3 to almost 5, and the younger ones have a much shorter attention span, but Dorothy and Betsy kept it active and engaging so that even our youngest stayed engaged.

Daniel Kruse Photography Exhibit Reception

Everyone is invited to the library to view Daniel Kruse's Photography Exhibit Reception!

Daniel is a Computer Science assistant professor at the University of Hawaiʻi Maui College. He bought his first camera when he was 15, a Minolta SRT-101. Many cameras later he is now shooting with a Canon 7D with a Canon 24-7mm L-series lens as his primary lens.

Daniel's photos on display are from many different places, and of many different subjects. He enjoys diversity in styles and subjects.

The photography exhibit will be on display through the end of October.