Make something amazing

Party - Mozilla Webmaker: From June 15 to September 15, thousands of people around the world are meeting up, making cool stuff and teaching others at the 2013 Maker Party.

Makers making things 

Make something

From coding your first line of HTML to building apps that change the world, Maker Party is your chance to connect with a global community of creators. Build something from scratch or remix a project and make it your own. Start Making

Show Off Your Work

Tag your work with #makerparty and inspire others. Share your knowledge, show off your creation and feel the love from the Webmaker community. Share Your Project

Create With Others

The worldwide Maker Party will bring people together at hundreds of events over three months, from workshops, design sprints and code-a-thons to teen tech bashes and father-daughter hack jams. Find a party near you or use our handy event guides to host your own.