Spotlight on Safari Books Online

- thousands of technology books!

The UHMC Library has a subscription to Safari Books Online, an amazing collection of about 7,000 computer, engineering, and technology books and other resources accessible online. This collection has some of the most popular technology books and series available. Some are:  For Dummies, Ask Sam, O'Reilly, Head First, Complete Idiots Guides, Missing Manuals.

Books are always up-to-date and fresh off the press. You can access these books from most internet-enabled devices anywhere you can get the internet. Additionally, you can download and print portions of the books.

What is especially cool about SBO products for network administrators and software developers is that you can copy code snippets directly from your browser window and paste them into your live development environment.

Think of it this way, when you visit Borders (before it closed) or Barnes and Noble, you flip through a handful of books and glean perhaps a bit of information here, a bit of information there, and so forth. On the other hand, with Safari Books Online you can run a keyword search across thousands of volumes, aggregating search results by relevance, by date, or by some other criterion of your choosing.