Encyclopædia Britannica

The library's new online resource, Encyclopædia Britannica, is one of the most complete and accurate information sources in the world. It contains both short and book-length articles on every subject.

In addition to the 73,000 articles of the encyclopedia, the Britannica also includes:
  • Britannica Concise Encyclopedia features over 28,000 short articles. These articles can provide quick answers to questions about history, art, science, and other subjects.
  • Britannica's multimedia database includes thousands of photographs, illustrations, and sound files. You can find these items through search and many also accompany encyclopedia articles.
  • Resources in Britannica's Internet Guide can complement the information found in the encyclopedias. Britannica editors have reviewed thousands of Web sites to ensure their quality and appropriateness.
  • Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus includes thousands of entries with definitions, pronunciation guides, word histories, synonyms, and antonyms are available through the dictionary and thesaurus.
  • Notable Quotations with more than 4000 quotations from both historical and contemporary men and women on a wide variety of topics can both entertain and provoke new ideas.
  • Gateway to the Classics This selection of 225 works by 140 authors introduces you to the great writing and ideas of the Western world. You can find stories, essays, speeches, and more.